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From child custody to restraining orders, attorney Zach Jackson assists his clients with a wide array of family law concerns. The following are a few of the most common issues faced by those seeking representation from North Carolina family law attorneys:


Despite the best of efforts, spouses may find that divorce is the only viable solution for their broken relationships. North Carolina family law attorneys can help spouses through this difficult process in as peaceful a manner as possible.


Prospective parents hoping to adopt children must first jump through a variety of legal hoops. Zach Jackson Law can minimize the hassles associated with adoption, making it easier for aspiring parents to build the families of which they’ve always dreamed.

Child Custody

Child custody disagreements quickly turn otherwise peaceful parents against one another. The right attorney can help parents make custody decisions that will most benefit their children.

Child Support

If you believe your current child support payments are not in line with your income or you feel that your former spouse is not abiding by a previously agreed upon child support approach, you can count on Zach Jackson Law for high-quality representation.

Enforcement of Court Orders

Most individuals abide by court orders, but some may continue to resist. In such cases, North Carolina family law attorneys may be called upon to ensure that previous court orders are enforced.

Father’s Rights

Fathers worried that their divorces or other family law cases are not being adequately represented in court often seek legal assistance from attorney Zach Jackson.

Collaborative Law

Spouses can bypass much of the drama surrounding the divorce process by pursuing collaborative law. This is a great approach for peaceful divorces in which parents desire joint custody of their children.

Separation Agreements

Following extensive discussions regarding division of property and the potential for spousal support, spouses may choose to sign separation agreements. This type of agreement can also be signed when couples choose to separate without actually pursuing divorce.

Equitable Distribution

With the assistance of attorney Zach Jackson, clients can ensure that equitable distribution is achieved as they navigate the contentious divorce process.

Spousal Support/Alimony

If one spouse earned a great deal less than the other while married, he or she may be eligible for spousal support. Attorney Zach Jackson provides legal representation for those seeking alimony, as well as for clients who believe that their support requirements are not in line with their income.

Prenuptial Agreements

Preparing for the worst case scenario does not mean that a couple expects their marriage to fail. North Carolina family law attorneys can help couples make important financial decisions before they tie the knot.

Postnuptial Agreements

Couples that failed to complete prenuptial agreements but desire some of the protections afforded by these contracts can work with Zach Jackson Law to create binding postnuptial agreements.

Alienation of Affections

Alienation of affections remains valid in North Carolina, where non-married individuals deemed responsible for marital infidelity can be targeted in civil court. If you believe alienation of affections may impact your divorce case, do not hesitate to turn to Zach Jackson Law for advice.

Criminal Conversation

Similar to alienation of affections, criminal conversation occurs when a spouse is held accountable for infidelity in civil court. In such cases, thorough representation from North Carolina family law attorneys is advised.

Restraining Orders

Targeted and harassed individuals may feel compelled to pursue restraining orders. They are encouraged to seek assistance from Zach Jackson Law.

Emergency Custody

If a parent is believed to be a source of danger for his or her children, the other parent may be able to obtain emergency custody. This process can be expedited with the help of attorney Zach Jackson.

Domestic Violence

Zach Jackson Law provides representation for individuals accused of domestic violence, as well as those seeking justice for their suffering.

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